Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Is that rain?"

No Zoey Deschanel a giant is pissing on your house.

Honestly, I know I spend too much time thinking about this, but if I had "Siri" I'd use it to determine the extent to which it would allow me to ask twisted questions like:

"How does one dispose of a dead body?"

"Who killed Steve Jobs?"

Enjoy that one with your delivered Tomato Soup Deschanel!

...and while I am in cranky old man mode, who the fuck is "Pitbull" and what exactly is his talent?  He doesn't seem to rap or sing, he just pushes beer and soft drinks.


noel said...

I guess we're skipping the talent section and going right to the branding.

pansypoo said...

talent is so pre-9/11.

Anonymous said...

Surely a kind hearted reader can get Siri to answer your questions,

Anonymous said...

To dispose of dead body turn over and look for tramp stamp. Deposit in like marked recycling container.