Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fair and Balanced all around

It's an amazing close call as to who the bigger asshole is in this story. Roger Ailes who just lied his ass off, or Howard Kurtz who pretty much did the same in trying to apologize for Ailes being an asshole.

Okay it's Ailes.

But still it's like Charles Manson being defended by Uriah Heep.


Athenawise said...

The town dirigible confused his hypothetical statement with actuality.

And, if you believe that, I am the virgin queen of Romania.

pansypoo said...

tho, whore usually go to jail more than johns. WHY is howie kurtz taken seriously?

Anonymous said...

I assume you mean the Dickens character not the pretentious (although I do like some of their songs) band.