Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Uh...come again?

A couple months ago on the perpetual campaign trail Mitt Romney showed the kind of "evolving" contemporary foreign policy he envisioned.
Mitt Romney referred to Russia as the United State’s “number one geopolitical foe”
Romney really does think he is running against Jimmy Carter.
And now at a Memorial Day speech probably also attended by his sons Tag, Buffy, Joffrey, Jagoff and Poindexter, Romney added a wrinkle:
Speaking at a Memorial Day tribute event in San Diego with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Mitt Romney honored the nation’s fallen and military families for their honorable service to their country, but he also warned of a shrinking military going the “course of Europe.”

“There are two courses we could follow in dangerous world,” Romney said. “The first is the course of Europe…and the other is the course of America.”
I'd say something snarky, but I have no fricking clue what that is even supposed to mean other than Europe = Bad; America = Good.

For Republicans maybe that is enough.

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StonyPillow said...

If you put an SS-25 in a doggie crate, you should be able to strap it to the roof of a Tu-22M3 Backfire strategic bomber.

DanF said...

I think he's saying that if the USA has more guns and bombs, the world is inherently safer. Unlike Europe which is ripping itself apart at the seams with the high-cost of Soshilism(!). So ... Freedom and Free Markets like guns, but don't want to use them (maybe because we don't have healthcare) - so they don't - but even when they do - they don't *want* to - so PEACE just like Jesus wants! And Commie Socialists don't want guns but like to use them to make more commie socialists - but too bad for them that they don't have guns - like Europe - which is a gun free zone - although you can smoke in public because they have healthcare.

Did I get close?

pansypoo said...

i think he is saying commies are back. seeing he can't use osama.

Yastreblyansky said...

Anyway he knows how desperately wrong things are in Europe. When he was in Paris, cook used to serve them snails, and frogs--that's how poor they were!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemens, your 2040 Republican nominee for POTUS, Jagoff Douchebaggington Romney!