Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As I was saying...real pros

Nice job again Mitt's flacks:


DanF said...

Pronounced: "Ah-mer-shia"

It's all branding based on market research. Simply by re-branding America to Amercia, Romney expects to realize a 15% increase in profits to investors when he crushes us with debt and sells us off.

Nothing personal. It's just business.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Do you expect an illegal mexian anchor-baby to be able to spell? Mitt's first language is French. Mitt Rmoney steals Americans' jobs and sends money to overseas accounts!

jimmiraybob said...

What Dan F said. Frankly, if it's good with his investors then who else's business is it? As for me, Amercia! Amercia! Amercia!

(Hey. Just doing what I have to in order to avoid getting the citizen pink slip and getting locked out of the country.)

Go The Donald! Go Mittens! Go The Donald!

pansypoo said...

he need the teahadists.