Thursday, May 24, 2012

You want to rephrase that one, bub?

Earlier this week over 40 Catholic institutions filed a dozen separate suits against the Obama administration’s regulation requiring employers and insurers to cover contraceptive services at no additional cost to employees. To which one can only say, "well, considering how this went before, good luck with that."

It will cost the Church millions to bring these lawsuits, which I guess is at least a change of pace from paying tens of millions to end them. But still one does wonder how those who give to the Church feel about this? After all they accept birth control as an important medical treatment overwhelmingly -- will there be a turn of the tithe?

And back again, to show that Bill Donohue isn't the voice of the Church, but the echo, is Cardinal Timothy Dolan:
ROSE: So if the president said, I’ve tried to compromise here, I’m suggesting we let insurers pay for contraception. That’s not far enough for you?

DOLAN: That’s rather superficial [...] It still gives no attention to these choking mandates, this choking definition of religion that we find to be so strangling.
I'm pretty sure that isn't the "choking" that has been harming the Church in America. Maybe somebody should ask Dolan about his role in those?

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Anonymous said...

I used to work for a Catholic hospital. It's a BUSINESS, not some beneficient charity. And it should be subject to the same regulations as any other business.

pansypoo said...

gotta make new victims.

Montag said...

Interesting how the right wing (including the Catholic hierarchy) define "religious freedom" as the right to force their views on their employees....