Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh yeah, let's go back to that guy

Aside from being a "franking" wanker:
The war, which President Barack Obama officially brought to an end Dec. 31, cost the U.S. government around $3 trilllion, left 4,487 U.S. servicemembers dead and killed more than 100,000 Iraqis. The Pentagon counts 32,226 U.S. servicemembers wounded, but the toll, including cumulative psychological and physiological damage, may be as high as half a million.
And, as an extra bonus:

 An analysis of the historical record by the National Security Archives in 2010 concluded that, “In contrast to an extensive record of planning for actual military operations, there is no record that President George W. Bush ever made a considered decision for war. All of the numerous White House and Pentagon meetings concerned moving the project forward, not whether a march into conflict was a proper course for the United States and its allies. Deliberations were instrumental to furthering the war project, not considerations of the basic course.”


DanF said...

Looks like DFHers were right. But I'm sure we were all right for the wrong reasons...

pansypoo said...

there was more planning for the AFTERMATH of WW2, than for goeorgee's Oedipal adventure.