Tuesday, May 22, 2012

But, of course

This makes all the sense in the world..

Before you write off Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett as another one of those fringy state officials diving deep into the birther waters of Hawaii, consider this: He is one of the co-chairs of the Romney campaign in Arizona. 

Then again, that honorary position already comes with a few smudge marks. Another of Romney’s co-chairs was Paul Babeu, the virulently anti-immigrant Arizona sheriff who resigned as co-chair in February when he was forced out of the closet by allegations of an affair with … an illegal Mexican immigrant.
Romney also tried his damnedest before the Arizona primary to get Joe Arpaio's endorsement.


DrDick said...

And you shall know them by the company they keep. Birds of a feather and all that. So much for Mr. "Moderate Republican."

pansypoo said...

a shitload of dogs w/ fleas.