Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rock Swings

Once in a great long while something happens which sets the music industry upside down. Something stupendous, amazing, overwhelming, something that you must listen to... and here it is.

You must listen to "Smells like Teen Spirit," "Jump," "It's my Life," and "Blackhole Sun" as only Paul Anka can do them. This record just came out and for reasons that I am sure Paul Anka did not intend, I love these songs! Just click on the link for the first song and listen to them.

Damn it! Some of these arrangements work! Try the Ankanator's cover of "Wonderwall." Man, I need a drink. But before that, read what the NYT's thinks.

Why would a teen idol turned Las Vegas crooner like him, who wrote early rock 'n' roll hits like "Diana" and "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," who gave Johnny Carson his theme song and Frank Sinatra "My Way," release an album stuffed with 14 swinging renditions of rock songs from stylistic opposites like Van Halen and Billy Idol?

Why court the derision that Pat Boone suffered with his album of heavy metal cover songs by taking on Nirvana's hoarse scream of teenage angst, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?

On Sunday night here, to accept his induction into Canada's Walk of Fame, the 63-year-old Mr. Anka answered potential doubters the best way he knows: musically and infectiously. Backed by a 17-piece band, he tore into "It's My Life," transforming the hit by Bon Jovi into a brassy, swinging song that would not have been out of place at a Sinatra show.

Not since Pat Boone turned his attention toward heavy metal and hard rock has someone committed such an act of wanton destruction.

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