Monday, April 25, 2011

And Paul Ryan thinks it is awesome!

While layoff thousands of employees and taking the company into insolvency, it is nice to see Border's has it's priorities straight:

A lawyer for bookseller Borders Group says a judge has approved paying executives up to $6.6 million in bonuses as the company works to reorganize under bankruptcy court protection.

So another edition of fuck the employees, the "real" victims here are the well-paid executives who guided this company into the toilet.



DrDick said...

Obviously the economic difficulties of Borders are the fault of the employees, just the same way that the unions destroyed the US automakers. The people responsible for corporate failures are always the people who have no control over corporate operations.

pansypoo said...

CEO's will be first in line for the guillotines. right ? RIGHT?!?

pansypoo said...

WHO are these fucking judges???