Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can't we compromise and have them all lose?

It is like Mao sues Pol Pot:

BP Goes on a Suing SpreeBP went after three companies yesterday with lawsuits for "misconduct" (ha!) and for tarnishing its good name over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year, most notably Halliburton.


Anonymous said...

Suing Halliburton? Hip, Hip, Hooray for BP! Can they sue Cheney for his Halliburton retirement package too?

jimmiraybob said...

Once the right-wing Christo-Teabirchrandpublican coalition finally manages to collapse the nation into the wretched poor (looters, moochers, Democrats, democrats, liberals, the un-rich, etc.) and the 1% of the deserving producers (wealthy), we will hail BP as the creator of nature's fabulous tarballs washing up on shore. These tarballs will be harvested and will form the core of trading out of the Gulf region to provide for the nation's heating needs along with collected twigs and blowing tumbleweed.

I will begin the future's speculation at 4 cans of cat food per tarball.

All hail BP the provider.

pansypoo said...

need to drain halliburton dry.

Anonymous said...

It's like Khomeini versus Saddam in the orginal Gulf War.

Paul said...

It's never frivolous when the oligarchs do it!