Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Earth Farts -- will have to be called awesome

Well, we cannot have this...millions in lobbying dollars will say so!

Cornell University professors will soon publish research that concludes natural gas produced with a drilling method called “hydraulic fracturing” contributes to global warming as much as coal, or even more.

The conclusion is explosive because natural gas enjoys broad political support – including White House backing – due to its domestic abundance and lower carbon dioxide emissions when burned than other fossil fuels.

Cornell Prof. Robert Howarth, however, argues that development of gas from shale rock formations produced through hydraulic fracturing – dubbed “fracking” – brings far more methane emissions than conventional gas production.

What could possibly be wrong with drilling for earth farts?


Anonymous said...

Hey, earth farts burn too!
Awesome, dude.

pansypoo said...

FOSSIL fuels are the whale oil of today. accept it.

AKjah said...

When i was but a child my father taught me that one should never apply more pressure than what could happen in a normal state. I have lived by that my whole life and it has not failed me. Fracturing is not going to work. Save your water you will need it.