Friday, April 15, 2011

I'll have the bisque

Bobo Brooks has a hissy of a Gingrichian variety over some imaginary social snub:

"It is sad, although not strange, that in today’s Washington they have never had a serious private conversation. The president has never invited Ryan over even for lunch."

Given how Ryan's plan is to rob the poor to give to the rich ("stupid bitch"), I think Obama's reticence to have Paul Ryan over for lunch falls into the category of Barack Obama, protector of spoons.


JDM said...

I don't want to have lunch with either of these fucking assholes, nor a beer with Bush, Gore or Kerry.

pansypoo said...

i don't like beer. but i would like some white house pie.

Montag said...

Ryan probably would steal the White House silverware... but only so he could sell it on eBay.

StonyPillow said...

Has anyone ever noticed how much Ryan looks like Scott Walker? And they're both from Wisconsin. Them traveling bible salesmen shore do get 'round.