Saturday, April 30, 2011

Look all you want for them, we'll make more

Business is good in the perpetual war game -- it is virtually guaranteed we'll make more:

A slurry of internal memos reveal what many of us have long suspected: that the rules under which alleged terrorists are incarcerated at the U.S.-run detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are elastic, arbitrary, and in many cases criminally unjust. According to the documents, much of the evidence held against the 172 prisoners at Guantanamo is circumstantial and often obtained through torture. The coerced confession of Mohammed al-Qahtani, for example, a Saudi national suspected of complicity in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, was filed away as evidence against some 16 of his fellow inmates without any reference to the manner in which it was produced. In some cases, prisoners identified as highly dangerous were freed, apparently under diplomatic pressure from their mother countries that happened to be U.S. allies in the War on Terror. Meanwhile, Guantanamo inmates held for years on the most specious grounds ended up committing terrorist attacks against U.S. targets after their release. As its 10th anniversary looms, it can be safely said that the Bush administration’s ham-fisted response to the September 11 attacks has created as many terrorists has it has neutralized.

Oh, when we start considering Abu Ghraib, and predator missile attacks, and the regimes we've propped up, I think it is guaranteed we are far out producing what we eliminate.


StonyPillow said...

After you've bled away your readership, after you've shat on your brand until it's unrecognizable, when there's literally nothing left except annihilation staring you in the face, why not try facts and truth?

USNews and World Report FTW? That's a gobsmacker.

Raoul Paste said...

USNews and World Report FTW? That's a gobsmacker

And how.

Violence breeds violence- just as any abused-as-a-child inmate.

Some new book discussed on Fresh Air says that before Sept 11, the White House would get a very brief threat report, culled of the threats the CIA thought were based on shaky info. After Sept 11, that system was scrapped, and Bush and Cheney got daily 20+ page reports of unfiltered potential dire threats that consumed hours daily. This might help to explain why Cheney and crew went insane from the stress, built his bunker, overreacted to everything.

And of course, they will never, ever, admit they wre wrong about anything.

sukabi said...

for every #2 or #3 (and there have been numerous over the years) we "eliminate" we create probably 100 more... because in the elimination of those #2s & 3s we kill and maim hundreds more innocent people.

how could anyone not be enraged by that? can you imagine what would happen over here if someone started using drones to "target" individuals and wiped out neighborhoods in the process?

pansypoo said...

georgee sure did a mess for obma to clean. not helping when tea bags are starting fires in the mess.

pansypoo said...

georgee sure did a mess for obma to clean. not helping when tea bags are starting fires in the mess.