Saturday, April 30, 2011

So much for small government

The right-wing Governor of Michigan apparently thinks there is no level of government below that of the State.

The decision-making authority of elected officials in Benton Harbor, Michigan was suspended under a new emergency manager law passed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.

In a speech Wednesday, Snyder said he also wanted to abolish the minimum number of hours children are required to be in school. He announced that he was targeting 23 school districts for takeover by state-appointed unilateral executives.

"Every single one of those places has just been told that them having locally elected officials, that's a problem," MSNBC Rachel Maddow explained Thursday. "That democracy is in the way of making things more efficient in Michigan, that Democracy is not the way we fix problems in America, that it is a problem."

Snyder is going to learn about Democracy the hard way apparently.

A Washtenaw County elections panel approved language this morning for a recall petition aimed at Gov. Rick Snyder.

The three-member panel voted 2-1 to approve the petition, clearing the way for the group Michigan Citizens United to begin to collect signatures. They would need the signatures of 807,000 registered voters collected within a 90-day period to force an election.


pansypoo said...

fiat is ever so more efficient and byjeebus, they are gonna get that lake mich golf course!

Anonymous said...

Any of your readers want to help get rid of Czar Rick.