Monday, April 18, 2011

Overqualified to be on FoxNews

Hilarious and pathetic, still smarter and less embarrassing than a barrel-full of Doocys:

And the same idiot has a track record.

via here.


jimmiraybob said...

This guy seems to be a goofy klutz. To be on Fox News you have to be a malicious liar and have no qualms blaming all things bad and evil on dems and liberals in a deliberate campaign to bring about the 1,000-year Teabirchpublican Reich and render America a feudal kingdom under Jebus. Not the same. Definitely not qualified.

Anonymous said...

god forgives goofy klutzes.
not liberals, democrats, socialists, or nonbelieving anti birthers.
He has standards, you know.

pansypoo said...

stupid is to be local.

MD said...

"Sorry... Sorry, no really , I'm sorry".... I'm still waiting for the Unka Dick and the LiL Prince Georgie "I'm sorry"