Thursday, April 28, 2011

Box Office Shrugged, Sagged, Shived

Conservatives are going to have to just settle for Birth of a Nation and seeing Jesus get eviscerated for their box office glories. Apparently going Galt really means not buying a ticket for a lousy movie.
"Critics, you won," said John Aglialoro, the businessman who spent 18 years and more than $20 million of his own money to make, distribute and market "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1," which covers the first third of Rand's dystopian novel. "I'm having deep second thoughts on why I should do Part 2."

"Atlas Shrugged" was the top-grossing limited release in its opening weekend, generating $1.7 million on 299 screens and earning a respectable $5,640 per screen. But the box office dropped off 47% in the film's second week in release even as "Atlas Shrugged" expanded to 425 screens

No, Mr. Aglialoro, we all just won.

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Montag said...

What's hilarious is that the titan of industry who bankrolled and directed this skidmark in the underwear of the film industry has fifteen or twenty million dollars to dump on this vanity project, but, whined that the commonwealth of Massachusetts ought to pay three million to upgrade the physical plant of his business there, otherwise, he'd have to leave and take his jobs with him.

A lot more like Wesley Mouch than John Galt, it seems.

LittlePig said...

Man, Dr. T, that book cover you found is epic.

pansypoo said...

was the movie rand/ron paul approved?

Atlanta Roofing said...

To my surprise, I quite enjoyed Atlas Shrugged. Although the story is a hymn to the over dog, this low-budget movie has underdog appeal. I soon started to root for the plucky filmmakers to pull off their high-wire act of making a movie that’s distinctive—not distinguished, but still very 1957 in texture—without having anywhere near enough of the dollars that Rand idolized.