Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miscellaneous works of fan fiction

Congressman who stands around letting people ask "who is going to shoot Obama?" at townhalls moves on to other areas of personal fantasy -- occasionally not involving two-ply wetsuits and ballgags.

GOP Rep. Broun: FDR Was A Communist

And in that vein, I feel sorry for Paul Broun and his sex-life of unsolicited baby donkey-fucking.


Billy B said...

Besides being a bald-faced liar, Paul Broun has a brain the size of a Le Sueur pea.

pansypoo said...

that big? he obviously was born a republikkklan.

Anonymous said...

of course, this continues the now official Jon Kyl policy of "non-factual" lying which used to be called misspoke, both terms being assumed to be softer, kinder and gentler than pure out and out baldfaced lying.
Just as Americans for Prosperity is a Koch coined title for what used to be referred to as Using our considerable economic Power to Get all we want for those who share our values. Or the CATO institute, aka as Cock Alliance Takes Over.

montag said...

Another one of those Republican/Teabagger doctors who remember Hippocrates as saying, First, do harm.

They really should have their medical licenses pulled.

MD said...

I'm pretty sure Stalin was a Georgian