Thursday, April 14, 2011

They'll sell your soul to the company store

Ah, yes this sounds like a capital idea!

Three Republican senators on Wednesday will propose a Social Security reform package that would raise the retirement age to 70 and cut benefits for the wealthy.

Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Mike Lee (Utah) previewed their proposal on Fox News, saying that it will put the entitlement program on a long-term path to solvency without raising taxes.

Yes, that's very Republican of 'em and even higher than the Catfood Commission. Make sure more people don't get their benefits and all don't get as many benefits while at the same time keep the workforce static. Good idea during a time of high unemployment.

But don't criticize it too much or Lindsey Graham might throw a tantrum.

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sukabi said...

that's a hissy fit to you sir!

those southern gals throw hissy fits.

DanF said...

Or at a minimum, they get the vapors.

Anonymous said...

The REPUBLICAN argument against this YEARS ago, before it was called an "entitlement", was that you could not cut for one group because they had PAID into it. They were "entitled" to their "entitlement". They had a point.

It is also true that the government "borrowed" those payments to fund the government's general obligations so they wouldn't have to RAISE TAXES. Thus, the wealthy paid no taxes on the benefits they received from the government.

The solution is to lift the payroll tax cap. Completely. No limits on earnings.

sukabi said...

yep, lifting the cap solves the "problem".

Oh, and keeping hands outta the cookie jar to fund other projects, that would help as well.

pansypoo said...

wouldn't death panels make more fiscal sense?