Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, timely disclosure

This just in, the Kaiser's abdicated!

The CIA lifted the lid on one corner of the cloak and dagger world of World War I, declassifying six of the oldest secret documents in the U.S. government archives, the agency announced Tuesday.

I guess we'll get to see those Cheney Energy Task Force minutes in the 23rd Century.


Will said...

I'm sure Cheney in his new half clone half robot body will object to those minutes being published.

Anonymous said...

no secrets though about the Cheney clone/robotic's contempt for NYT reporters (asshole)Pat Leahy (go fuck yerself) or President Obama.

pansypoo said...

dick cheeney's head will make sure they never get seen.

Anonymous said...

Did you see what the documents concerned? "How to's" on making invisible ink! via

Montag said...

Yeah, the documents in question are about different invisible inks. The CIA has previously refused to release the documents under FOIA because, they claimed, some of the techniques might still be in use.

This, of course, is in an age of advanced x-ray and nuclear imaging, atomic absorption, spectrographic and related chemical signature detection. Most adversaries equipped with the equivalent of a second-year college chemistry lab figured out the formulae for these inks a long, long time ago.

Hell, the National Security Archive has been trying to get the CIA to release the remaining volumes of its official history of the Bay of Pigs operation for five years, and finally had to file suit--on the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The CIA isn't even going to consider FOIAs on its remaining Kennedy assassination files (around 13,000 of them, IIRC) until 2038. The nation knew more about the Lincoln assassination in 1866 than we'll know about Kennedy's in 2066.

Welcome to the National Security State, folks.