Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shorter summarized Donald Trump

"I'm not so good with the Asians"

What a gigantic prick.


Raoul Paste said...

Imagine him debating Obama in a presidential campaign. He'd be a buffoon, and Republican viewers would thinkn he WON the debate.

Montag said...

I'm not sure that polling is the sort of ironclad determiner of public opinion that it's cracked up to be, but, still, if this is even a small indication of the tone and tenor of electorate's thinking, a noticeable portion of the people have gone stone barking mad.

Trump is a classic fop who also happens to have inherited a great deal of money, much of which he seems to have pissed away on projects whose sole purpose has been to stroke his vanity. It's a mystery why such a person intrigues even the most marginally informed voter.

Maybe the only explanation is that there really is a cult worship of wealth in this country (far beyond the popular culture Horatio Alger pluck-and-hard-work mythmaking). That an execrable film, made from an even more execrable book, even found financing on the expectation of hordes of emotionally stunted Objectivists turning over their hard-earned dollars for an evening of artificial bliss is, I suppose, an indication.

We do live in strange, strange times.

Anonymous said...

He's just working his Rethuglican creds.

jimmiraybob said...

While I understand the sentiment in which it is given I still think that "gigantic prick" is way to complimentary. Especially to someone so obviously overcompensating for a little Trump Tower.

MD said...

THEE Donald, yah gotta luv the entertainment. .... . That it is all it is, entertainment. He is Richie Rich and he craves the attention. ..... At the least, Pat Paulsen was funny

pansypoo said...

assholes can appear to not be racists.