Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad couple of weeks for fugitives

They arrested long-time and rather inappropriately famous Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger after seventeen years on the California.

Was he on his way to a teaparty rally?


Montag said...

Whitey was Irish mafia... and the Koch brothers don't strike me as part of that group, so, I doubt seriously that Bulger was tied up with the Tea Party.

Besides, compared to the Kochs, Whitey was a small-time criminal.

Anonymous said...

On the lamb ?. What was he doing to that poor lamb ?? He he he

Sharon said...

Maybe he was on the lam?

pansypoo said...

ok. need to google lam.

Anonymous said...

17 years the FBI looks with no luck. One day on The View and he is found. I think we should swap out FBI Director Meuller for the Ladies of The View.

Oblio's Cap said...

seventeen years on the lamb

I certainly hope they add a bestiality charge to his indictment!

Santorum would be proud.