Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Much rather have a Dutch Letter

When last Sarah Palin deigned to visit the lower 48 she had resigned from her bus tour halfway through. Which was only fitting. But the excuse we heard was jury duty, I guess she got out of it for cause -- a profound lack of understanding of the law (or jury duty) -- because she's back just two days later.

And even worse for me, she's near.
Sarah Palin's going to Iowa.

The production and publicity firms behind the new documentary about Palin released a statement today confirming the former Alaska governor and her husband will attend the Tuesday premiere of "The Undefeated" in Pella, Iowa.

The film will be shown at the Pella Opera House at 5 p.m. central time and a "traditional Iowa cookout" will follow.

It is an amusing title for the person on the losing end of the last Presidential election where she was quite "defeated", especially since right now she'd lose badly in Iowa to the "Uncommitted" Michele Bachmann.

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Montag said...

Have a little faith. Those tax evasion charges are going to catch up to her soon enough....

DrDick said...

In fairness, you cannot be defeated if you don't actually run and there is no chance she will actually enter the race (it would interfere with the grifting). It is also only a matter of time before Bachmann is committed.

pansypoo said...

didn't bachman announce 3 or 4 times already?