Sunday, June 12, 2011

One brave person

Pictures of Gabby Giffords released.

Much better than other pictures we've had released lately.


StonyPillow said...

Not too sure about that. They capped the skull (the depression on the left side of her face is repaired). But her left eye and smile indicate she probably has facial control problems on that side similar to a stroke victim, probably extending to control of her mouth and tongue. And that doesn't even cover any speech, gross motor skill or emotional problems she may be having. On the whole, kind of depressing. If those are the most hopeful pictures they can get, it doesn't look like she's coming back even close to all the way.

I'd much rather look at pics of some prick's prick than see a permanently damaged person.

pansypoo said...

at least she can use hair. she needed bangs before this. considering, besides not blonde, she looks ok.

zuzu said...

I think those pics were taken before they capped her skull. They must have had to shave her head again for it.

Anonymous said...

Congressional democrats reelected in fall of 2010 have lost 2 remarkable members, one to a frenetic gunman, the other to a frenetic public media frenzy over little or nothing, Giffords and Weiner.