Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Class Warfare? Yes please.

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court did exactly as predicted and limited public employees collective bargaining rights -- showing their priorities "with unusual speed". So Madison is about to see yet another large demonstration. In addition to guaranteeing his recall, will Governor Scott Walker start off his campaign to do the Koch Brothers bidding by placing provocateurs in the crowd this time?

And so let this new round of protests bring on the fluttering Noonian cries of horrible liberals trying to foment class warfare (maybe Austan Goolsbee will join in too?). After all what could the poor and middle class possibly have to complain about? Charts showing the cliff diving of workers' income is turned into a smile your average CNBC viewer hears because businesses (as opposed to most people, or State governments) are sitting on large piles of cash and not using it to hire people. So somebody is getting wealthy...and it's people like the Koch Brothers.

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Montag said...

These people are crazy as shithouse rats if they think mildly deprecatory language is class warfare.

They've entirely forgotten history, methinks. If they ever learned it in the first place.

DrDick said...

Guillotine, beeyotches, guillotines!

pansypoo said...

stolen elections. it's the COUNTING!!!!

just wait til the other 3 justices are up for election.

Anonymous said...

Are all republican politicians in the United States of America evil?

Are all republican voters in the United States of America stupid?

If you believe any of the above, you've got some really nasty karma coming your way.
Karma, by the way, means that what you send out into the world in this life (words, actions, attitudes), you'll experience the flip side of it in another after-life.