Wednesday, June 29, 2011

King Corn

The Sweet Corn will be late in Iowa this year because of the lack of sunshine we've had this it will be more like it used to be. But the most shocking aspect of the State's main crop (and in many ways its curse and blessing) is this:

Sweet corn typically amounts to fewer than 6,000 of the state's 13.5 million acres devoted to corn production. The rest of the corn is used for animal feed, ethanol and sweeteners.


pansypoo said...

we are just getting peas for cripes sake. but the corn near the WI river looked very healthy.

CPinHI said...

We have lots of sweet corn here in Hawaii right now :-) Haha, you should all be so jealous of us. We have everything.

Anonymous said...

Not as many cornfed,slope headed, recividist teaparty types as the midwest