Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Musn't discuss

Right-wing terrorists.

Federal and state agents searched a 30-square-mile swath of rugged Montana forest on Monday for a former militia leader following a shootout with sheriff's deputies, authorities said.

He's armed to the teeth and planned on killing several politicians and if he was a black guy FoxNews would have 30 minutes out of every hour calling him a "New Black Panther" and exploring his ties to Obama...and if he had a muslim name it would be 58 minutes out of every hour all devoted to exploring his ties to Obama.

But as it is, doubtful it will even get brought up.


StonyPillow said...

Buggert's only chance of saturation coverage is to tweet junk shots to CNN's John King.

DrDick said...

As someone who lives in Missoula, I would point out that this is not the first time for this bozo. He has a long history of this kind of activity, and was convicted of leading a plot to kill law enforcement officers, judges, and politicians (the conviction was overturned on appeal). Sadly, Montana is chock full of these far right whackaloons.

Montag said...

What the hell happened? Were they serving him an appearance summons for jury duty, and he went all sovereign citizen on them?

pansypoo said...

only if he shaved his package and has a hot bod.