Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Legal "Scholar"

Ann Althouse is more than just a unending source of material for Thers. She is, rather inconceivably, a Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin. According to the University's website she teaches Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure in Madison, the State's Capitol, literally blocks away from the State's Supreme Court.

She's "taught" at the University for nearly 15 years.

Yet when the matter of State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser placing his manly hands around fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley's womanly neck, Althouse found a novel way to defend the conservative from this vile assault upon his hands by a woman's neck:
"From what I have heard, Bradley is significantly larger than Prosser."

To which Wisconsin blogger Illusory Tenant reasonably asks,
What, she's never even seen them?

It's strange that Althouse, who allegedly professes the law in Madison, Wisconsin, has not attended a hearing at the State Supreme Court, which also sits in Madison (just a brief sashay down State St. in fact).

She's only been a Law Professor in Madison for 15 years, how could she possibly know what the State Supreme Court members look like?

Just look at this picture, Ann Walsh Bradley is clearly a well-known bruiser of epic proportions. Crack research as always Althouse.

Although Althouse does know some judges well -- those on American Idol.

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jimmiraybob said...

I assume that there's a box-wine store between her office and the courts building.

sukabi said...

Well she clearly has the larger intellect, so the bitch clearly had it coming...

in a side note, WHY is Althouse still bothering to excrete into the public square... doesn't she get tired of being humiliated by all the FAIL she produces?

Montag said...

It's quite possible that Althouse received tenure because of her entertainment value....

pansypoo said...

this is the person instructing students?!?

Bartender Cabbie said...

Bradley is probably bigger than this Prosser. Have you been to Wisconsin? The women are huge.

Anonymous said...

Lived there and never noticed the women were any different than they were in other states. Pretty goodlooking and cared for themselves and others.