Friday, June 17, 2011

So courageous

Paul Ryan bravely wants to get rid of those tax subsidies...except those that will net him millions.

Yeah, but where's your plan?!


Anonymous said...

A good Republican never shits where he eats, he shits where you eat.

DrDick said...

No, no, no! You completely misunderstand. He wants to get rid of the bad subsidies that are bankrupting our country, not the good subsidies that make him money.

Montag said...

Even worse that he's in business--and in bed--with the Borens, who've had some of the stickiest fingers around.

It's a bit like the old aristocracy--the Borens have brought a little new Congressional blood into the family to help out with their retirement plans.

You can bet there're a few Casino Jack-style emails floating around out there. Whether they ever surface is quite another matter.

Anonymous said...

Our plan is in place, just needs to be implemented.

pansypoo said...

what do you mean they don't shit where they eat? destroying the environment for profit is shitting in the food + water.