Sunday, June 19, 2011

Herman Cain would like you to know

He will only hate Muslims openly as much as the polling allows him to at this time.


DrDick said...

All them Musselmens was happy and contented down on the plantation until them damned northern agitators came along and stirred things up.

pansypoo said...

what about mormons.

DrDick said...

what about mormons.

He might consider appointing one or two to his Cabinet, maybe even as VP.

Hollywood4Cain said...

One of the things about Herman Cain that appeals to me is that he isn't a politician, and therefore says things that aren't customary. He strikes me as very real.

Check out this humorous cartoon which uses Obama's own voice, spoken by him, to make the case that he's ill prepared to lead a capitalist society. The cartoon uses Obama's recent (and desperate?) raffle to have dinner with him as a plot device to put him in contact with a perfect foil, who eventually decides that Obama is so hopelessly clueless that she is going to vote for Herman Cain.

It's pretty funny and it also serves to highlight the differences in worldview (at least in terms of business and the economy) between somebody like Herman Cain and Mr. Obama. I found it illuminating.