Thursday, June 16, 2011

What comes up when you google ‘hypocrite’?

Rick Santorum appears to think he's a serious candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination as this occurred yesterday.

Rick Santorum...has quit his post as a member of the board of directors of Universal Health Services Inc., a for-profit mental-health hospital chain

Ol' Ricky was paid a not too measly $168,000 to do things like rubber-stamp the CEO of Universal getting a $10 million compensation package.

But this becomes more interesting considering some of Santorum's policy positions:

Unlike Rep. Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership, which has excluded today’s seniors from their plan to destroy Medicare, Santorum wants “most” kicked off the program, and he said so in a recent interview with Fox News conservative opinion host Sean Hannity.

Pretty bold statement considering how Ricky's just now former employer supported his cushy salary:

Universal relied on taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid payments for 38% of its $5.6 billion in revenues last year, according to the company's annual report.

I'm sure he bravely refused 38% of his check the last four years.

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Montag said...

How committed to mental health can Universal Health Services, Inc., be when they put a psychotic on their board of directors?

Geez, that old adage about the inmates running the asylum is now literally true.

pansypoo said...

when are we gonna reform CEO pay?

Raoul Paste said...

....a psychotic on their board of directors?

Boggles the mind.