Thursday, June 23, 2011

I understand the man is "fat"

And I'm not supposed to listen to liberals more than five pounds overweight, but Al Gore sums up how Americans are the modern Easter Islanders in just over one paragraph:

Maybe it's just easier, psychologically, to swallow the lie that these scientists who devote their lives to their work are actually greedy deceivers and left-wing extremists — and that we should instead put our faith in the pseudoscientists financed by large carbon polluters whose business plans depend on their continued use of the atmospheric commons as a place to dump their gaseous, heat-trapping waste without limit or constraint, free of charge.

The truth is this: What we are doing is functionally insane.

The whole of the article is available online at Rolling Stone, it has gotten some attention because of deserved criticism of President Obama, but it is really an indictment of not just our politics but our media's coverage of climate change.

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StonyPillow said...

The tide of Presidential leadership is receding.

pansypoo said...

amerikkkans don't want to change.