Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You sir, are a goddamned fraud

Hey Kent, here's an idea (aside from a solo sex act) for your concern-trolling:

The debt-reduction package emerging in talks between the White House and congressional leaders would not “fundamentally change” the alarming rate of growth in the national debt, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee said Tuesday.

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said the goal of slicing more than $2 trillion from the federal budget by 2021 falls far short of the savings needed to stabilize borrowing, reenergize the economy and avert the threat of a debt crisis.

Maybe you goddamned fraud you should have not been so for saving the Bush Tax cuts.


DrDick said...

Repeat after me, "We do not have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem."

sukabi said...

you know what would cure the "deficit"? Raising taxes on mutherfuckers like Conrad and making corporations actually pay their taxes... oh, and a gigantic jobs bill.... start with infrastructure rebuilding (water, electrical) and work on up to a high-speed train network, and massive solar / wind farms.... make them public works projects and start hiring all the farking unemployed.

once folks have some spare change in their pockets they'll start spending it again....

pansypoo said...

zombie bush? fuck sacrifice!