Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Godwin's Campground

I guess from the photographs it does look like an American Berchtesgaden:

The picturesque mountain town of Kalispell, Montana (pop: 19,927) is becoming a haven for extremists after several marquee names from various angry white person groups have set up shop there...

Some of the more well-known figures in the anti-government movement are re-emerging in the Kalispell area, according to news reports and the SPLC.

They include former Aryan Nations member Karl Gharst, who last year screened a movie, "Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS," at the Kalispell library. The showing drew 200 protesters.

White supremacist April Goede and her twin daughters — who once formed the racist pop singing group Prussian Blue — have moved to Kalispell.

Others include patriot leader and former Constitution Party vice presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, who believes the U.S. is headed for a fight between big-government globalists and independent patriots; Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, which wants law enforcement officers and military personnel to sign an oath against a one-world government conspiracy; and Randy Weaver, whose standoff with federal marshals at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 kick-started the modern patriot movement.

That is a concentration camp of crazy.


DrDick said...

Montana generally, and western Montana in particular, has long attracted far right whackaloons. The area around Kalispell (just west of Glacier National Park), northwest Montana (around Libby), and Ravalli County all have large concentrations of militias, white supremacists, survivalists, sovereign citizens, Freemen, etc. The town of Noxon in NW Montana is totally controlled by the militia. And right in the middle of all this (or at least between Ravalli County and Kalispell) is Missoula, which is the most progressive place in the state. Makes it interesting living here.

res ipsa loquitur said...

Damn. I have been to that part of Montana. It's some of the prettiest country in the U.S.

PopeRatzy said...

It used to be that every time they broke up some white power or militia group there was at least one, and sometimes several, from Sandpoint, Idaho. Given the proximity of Kalispell and Sandpoint all of this is quite unsurprising.

DrDick said...

PopeRatzy -

As I said above, northern Idaho and western Montana are magnets for rightwing whackaloons.

pansypoo said...

any natural gas there?

Anonymous said...

the Kochs used to have a lot of land in Montana. Just sayin

DrDick said...

A little more from my home town paper:

karlgharst said...

: Comments to “Extremists finding fertile ground in Kalispell”

“…those living in Judea flee into the mountains… …for it was better for them in Sodom and Gomorrah in that day than it will be (here) in the land on His day…”
That’s probably why they are coming here! Part of “come out from among them lest ye share in her plagues” (Rev.18:6) and hundreds more Scriptures in the Christian Bible that command interracial and interfaith separation – without exception - which is the Christian idea that the State of Montana and Our United States was founded upon.
In just a few generations all that lands that once belonged to the White European Peoples of the Earth have been commandeered by a false witness who, like their father, Cain, believe that “if they can destroy the righteous from the Earth, then God would have no choice but to accept them!” They little know why our race is Christian!
In the “extremist” article you tag Burgert and Kazinski in with “white nationalism.” Not hardly! Spokane MLK Parade bomber Kevin Harpham was well known to have had multiple conversations with ADL spooks Craig Cobb and Alex Linder before planting his bomb! Cobb appears to be the engineer of “40 years in prison” for a “speech crime” for Matt Hale and was the intellectual author of the murders of Chicago Judge Leftkow’s family.
April is selling her daughter’s lovely voices on CD while the twins are cashing checks from the kind-hearted fools at the other end of the spectrum of racial understanding with their “save the twins from the racist April.” There is only one reason she and Mark Harrington attacked the lady at the library last year. Her handlers told her they wanted violence to shut down the showing of films the rabbis don’t want you to see!
Travis McAdam is the handler for Baldwin, Skees and Rhodes as well. None of the above mention people, with the possible exception of Matt Hale ever has stood in any way for a National State for White Christendom as a solution to both our own problems and the whole World’s problems. Yet, the children cry out to God, and He assembles His Army and soon this will all happen.
I, on the other hand, was brought to Kalispell in the back of a squad car and didn’t have any choice in the matter. I must have been needed here pretty bad!
Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth and therefore not in the lineage of Israel. His father is Gomer for which Gomorrah gets its name! (Gen.10:3) Your friend in Christ, Karl Gharst