Friday, June 10, 2011

A Mighty Wind

The alternative reality of the man Mike Huckabee thinks we all need to listen too...even if it is required at gunpoint:

On Wednesday, Right Wing Watch flagged a recent interview Barton gave with an evangelcial talk show, in which he argues that the Founding Fathers had explicitly rejected Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Yes, that Darwin. The one whose seminal work, On the Origin of Species, wasn't even published until 1859.

I guess we all forgot about Thomas Jefferson's time-machine...the one he built and then has repeatedly used to hit on Halle Berry.


StonyPillow said...

American Exceptionalism is the result of generations of work and taxes for a better country for the children. Of course, our generation decided Reaganomics was a better idea, and pissed it all away.

Our kids are going to despise us.

Montag said...

Hey, if the snotbubbles believe Palin's and Bachmann's versions of history, this guy is going to wow them.

He's an honest-to-goodness snake-oil salesman.

SouthernBeale said...

LOL this story has prompted the hashtag #TheFoundingFathersThought over at Twitter. Some of the entries are hilarious ...

jimmiraybob said...

I think that everybody knows that the Old Testament, emphasis on Deuteronomy & Exodus, was an appendix to the original US Constitution. Then, some liberal fascists sneaked in and erased the references to Appendix A:

Article 1 See Appendix A
Article 2 See Appendix A
Article 3 See Appendix A
Article 4 See Appendix A
Article 5 See Appendix A
Article 6 See Appendix A
Article 7 In the name of Jesus and his ass kickin' Father. Amen. Signed The Founding Fathers who fully intended to found a Christian Nation.

with a bunch of socialist commie gobbledegook. And that's the truth [Lily Tomlin affect]

pansypoo said...

pish posh. history is revisable.

taint it funny the 'greatest generation' produced the worst?

Raoul Paste said...

Our kids are going to despise us
Global warming is the wild card.
If the worst predictions are true, a trashed standard of living will be the least of our problems.