Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One hell of a charity

Newt Gingrich doesn't just make the old bromide about one's favorite charity, he see's that it lives at home.

A charity founded by Newt Gingrich paid Gingrich's for-profit company $220,000 over two years, ABC News reports. The non-profit, Renewing American Leadership, was meant to spur conversation about restoring Christian principles in Washington, and mostly did that through letters seeking donations. The list of people who responded to those letters with checks was given to Gingrich--something that would be very valuable to a potential presidential candidate building support early in the campaign. ReAL, as the non-profit is called, also paid full-price for Gingrich's books and DVDs. ABC News asked Gingrich for comment ahead of a speech in New Hampshire, but the candidate would only respond, "I'm not concerned about that. The American people aren't concerned about that. Try covering the speech."

The DVD One Night on the Mediterranean with Newt & Calista (and a strap-on) sold some 100,000 copies to the charity I hear.


Montag said...

Gotta pay down that Tiffany's bill, somehow, right, Newticles?

DanF said...

They say, "Charity begins at home."

pansypoo said...

so newt s the whore, not calista.

Anonymous said...

a clear case of abuse of nonprofit organs.