Monday, May 06, 2013

From the "But....OF COURSE!" files

Well, well, well...

Over the past five years, David Stein has made a name for himself as a leader for Hollywood's conservatives. As an operator for the popular website Republican Party Animals, he hosted right-wing congressmen and celebrities at parties, and he was a regular on conservative talk shows. But it turns out Stein had a bizarre secret.

Two weeks ago, Stein was unmasked as David Cole, an infamous Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. Throughout the 90s, he was a guest on talk shows like The Phil Donahue Show and The Montel Williams Show, and profiled by the likes of 48 Hours and 60 Minutes.

I'm sure he'd be the first in line to blame FDR/Clinton/Obama with killing Breitbart too.

...and, of course, the Jews.


Anonymous said...

From the article - he was raised Jewish!

I'm sure he fit right in with those conservative Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he and Ari Fleischer can get together and raise a glass -- or mug -- to those good, law abiding volk [sic] who apparently were just badly misunderstood.

pansypoo said...

money trumps genes.

Anonymous said...

once again those who choose to ignore truths and scholarship like history and science and the humanities are going to choose to believe in what they want, rather than what is true.

color me not surprised.