Friday, May 03, 2013

The ultimate compromise

I can see where the gun-lobby is headed. We're allowing same-sex marriage. Next year, gun-nuts; they will demand, must be allowed to marry their guns. You know they want to. And why not, as long as they are both loaded -- and you know they are.


Aaron said...

I was thinking more along the lines of them wanting to legally implant them as a prosthetic. That way they can just go ahead and physically replace their dicks with them instead of just metaphorically.

NonyNony said...

I would fully support the right of a gun-nut to marry his/her firearm, so long as they can prove that the firearm wants to be married. Consent is very important here.

The problem for the gun-nut is that polygamous marriage is still illegal, and so they would have to choose just one of their "preciousssess" to wed.

pansypoo said...

indeed. the NRA wing is for MORE guns.

Anonymous said...

Will Rick Santorum approve of Man on Gun sex?

Anonymous said...

they don't want to fuck their guns, they want to use their guns to fuck others - esp women, people of color, of differing creeds, of open and differing sexualtiy and anyone other than themselves.

it's the NRA way!


Anonymous said...

I am fully in support of Gun Marriage.

And it is my sincere hope that every gun owner in America will take his gun and go fuck himself with it.

And if he happens to own a personal arsenal, I enthusiastically support his right to a polygunus marriage.

Because nothing would make me happier than thinking of such gun owners repeatedly going and fucking themselves.