Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not enough palms for so many faces to rest upon

Worst. Defense. Ever!
A day after Sergio Garcia caused a major row by making a racially insensitive joke about Tiger Woods, European Tour chief executive George O'Grady used the dated and racially insensitive term "colored" while saying that the European Tour accepts Garcia's apology for saying that he'd serve Woods "fried chicken" for dinner at the U.S. Open.


Anonymous said...

Actually, since he's from UK, he said "coloured" - so its ok.

Thanks for the link to such an important story.

Eric P.

pansypoo said...

no watermelon?

donnah said...

OFFS! I thought this was a reprint from when Fuzzy Zoeller suggested fried chicken and collard greens for the banquet after the Masters. I guess that old racisms never die, they just lurk around in golf bags.

Aaron said...

Racism? At a country club filled with old white men? Nahhhh. No way. Can't be.

Anonymous said...

Why does the European Tour chief executive even feel he has to apologize for a remark he didn't make?