Monday, May 13, 2013

Look who's "God-damning America" now?

Hey, at least Reverend Jeremiah Wright is interesting.

Minnesota Congresswoman and former Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann has been conspicuously silent since her nail-biter of a congressional re-election, but was back at her sound bite machine ways this week, calling 9/11 and the Benghazi consulate attacks “judgments from God.”

I think the only "judgment" that will ever be associated with Michele Bachman will be the one rendered over her use of campaign funds in Iowa.


StonyPillow said...

Time to go back to the CBOE to beg for another cash infusion.

Anonymous said...

"...calling 9/11 and the Benghazi consulate attacks “judgments from God.”

Doesn't she mean "from Allah"?

pansypoo said...

butbutbut the GOP doesn't think the federal govt IS amerika. so it's a-OK.

Montag said...

I wonder if One-L ever considered that 9/11/01 and 9/11/12 were karma for 9/11/73?

Anonymous said...