Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well I'm pretty sure it isn't to spend more time with Marcus

In a twist for a Republican, Michele Bachmann is riding the crazy train out of Washington.

Roger Ailes and Jesus already on alternating lines -- one of which may actually exist.


Anonymous said...

some dimwit wrote what's being described as a bodice ripper, romance based loosely on her.

how incredibly grotesque. like women who find john McCain sexy.

pretty lame. limp even... wonder how many diaper wearers are involved...


Anonymous said...

Gonna miss the vacant ditz. Always a thrill for fans of history, geography, science in general, and teh Jesus.

I'll give her two months after she is gone before we see her flogging salad-shooters or Ginsu knives on late-night infomercials.


P J said...

There is much more money to be made pedaling the crazy in that parallel universe she occupies than there is in the beltway. Look for her in places like Glen-Beckistan depicting her own special brand of erratic flakiness to the unbalanced multitudes who adore her.

pansypoo said...

she will still infect the body politic on fux gnews.