Sunday, May 19, 2013

The audio book comes with rimshots

The known unknowns of life. 

Or just a complete unfettered asshole and narcissist.

His latest book, “Rumsfeld’s Rules” suggests he still has lessons to share after a lifetime in politics and business.

And the rules?

1.  It’s easier to get into something than it is to get out.

Yeah, way to LIVE that one Donny, boy.

2.  “I’ve been mistaken so many times, I don’t even blush for it anymore.” – Napoleon

Nope, you just take advances to publish a book of tragic and laughable self-parody.

3. Monitor progress through metrics.

"I am shitfaced Nate Silver!"

This is literally a quote -- and bear in mind, points one and two that proceed this:

“I think that history over time will probably be a better judge than you or I, but I’ve been struck by the amount of criticism that the Bush administration has received and President Bush personally and the attempts to assign blame to him and I think it’s probably not going to sort out that way.”

He says President Bush’s decision to enter Iraq is “something that over time will be better understood.”

Um, how about a hearty Fuck You?!


Raoul Paste said...

Here's his ACTUAL rule #1: Never admit you are wrong.

StonyPillow said...

How about a hearty stretch in Club Fed?

Anonymous said...

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Uncle Smokes said...

Rumsfeld is right. Over time, the decision to invade Iraq will be better understood...

...understood to have been even more bat-shit insane than contemporaries thought it to be.

One day, when we all are long dead, archives of this era will be revealed, and perhaps future historians will point at our leaders' willful denial of reason and dub it The Age of Unsanity.

StonyPillow said...

Or a hearty stretch in The Hague?

kingweasil said...

that's what all the neocon weasel's say

Anonymous said...

wonder how his world travel plans look nowdays...


Montag said...

Rumsfeld has been a first-class liar and true-believer nutjob since he first entered government. People forget that he's been fucking up since the `70s, and that he was one of Nixon's hatchet men.

That people are still listening to him, that he's still able to get anything published, is a mystery to me. He's just plain fucking dangerous. That's how history will remember him--and his boss.

Anonymous said...

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pansypoo said...

he is a known myopic mother-fucker.

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