Saturday, May 25, 2013

Somebody is due for a promotion!

FoxNews, which of course is portraying the story of James Rosen as a billion times worse than McCarthy (ironic as the number should be infinity as they love Joe McCarthy) stories continued...

During her syndicated radio show this afternoon, conservative columnist Andrea Tantaros reacted to the Justice Department’s snooping on the Associated Press and Fox reporter James Rosen by decrying “Obama’s America” and telling her audience if they see any Obama voters, “punch them in the face.”


StonyPillow said...

Good doctor, only your friends will tell you the bad news. Your blog has fleas. The Chinglish ones are charming in their own way, but still.

Blogger changed their "Please prove you're not a robot" word recognition to make it easier. No objections if you want to give it a try -- the peanut gallery's getting a bit cluttered down here.

Unknown said...

The Joe McCarhty point is something I've been thinking about.

There are plenty of folks over at FoxNews who have made it a point of pride to try and resurrect the reputation of Joe McCarthy in recent years.

It is therefore either counterproductive t the cause or an admission of failure on their part for them to now be comparing Obama's bad behavior to McCarthy's.

(By the way, I don't think this site is similar at all to one about Louis Vuitton handbags, and I question any commenter who finds such a connection!)

pansypoo said...

NOOOO. no prove you are not a robot! juat ignore blue tagged LONG comments! dyslexic hates proving i am not a bot!

the world is just gonna suck for a long time for the reaganuts.

Anonymous said...

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Dick Cheney said...

"Punch them in the face?"

Hell, I'd say "shoot them in the face!"

Ten Bears said...

Some of us will punch, or shoot, back. Indeed, I encourage the dog-fuckers to give it their best shot.

No fear.