Thursday, May 02, 2013

Long-time readers of this blog know a few things about me

1.  Despite my pseudonym, I'm not Turkish.
2.  I get up real early, because I have no life.
3.  I do love a nicely shaped foot.
4.  And the dream of one day seeing Howard Kurtz and yelling, "Fuck you, Howie.  Fuck you!"

It looks like Tina Brown beat me to it.

And not undeservedly.


Anonymous said...

Mistah Kurtz, he shitcanned

StonyPillow said...

Mr. Sheri Annis needs a new writing gig.

Montag said...

Oh, hell, Kurtz will bounce back--there's still The Daily Cholera, PJTV, Malkkkin's Hot Air, etc.

If one can call being lowered deeper into the muck bouncing back....

pansypoo said...

not enough. . krurtz still gets ink elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

but... you wears a fez!