Wednesday, May 22, 2013

They who yell the loudest

I do not really wish to take too strong a stance pro or con about the claims -- and perhaps claim is too weak -- that the Cincinnati Office of the IRS looked into tax exemption claims from various "Tea Party" groups than others.

But one does have to look at few logical reasons this should probably have occurred in any case.  There are two things true about such groups -- One, they HATE government; Two they REALLY HATE paying taxes. 

The possibility of such a group being a bit shady giving these motivations, I'm going to say a bit higher than most.  It is right in their DNA.

Meanwhile, in news few notice or care about:

Thousands of documents obtained by DBA Press and the Center for Media and Democracy show how Homeland Security and local law enforcement were obsessed with the Occupy movement and other activists.

You can still punch a hippie all you want -- but don't you dare question the guy wearing a tri-corner hat in the 21st century!

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StonyPillow said...

Asking a Tea Party group if they're a political organization? How unfair. It's tyranny, I tells ya.

Aaron said...

That's funny. I thought Republicans L O V E D profiling.
Guess that's just when it's black or brown people.

Montag said...

The news at the time was chock-full of reports that Koch-funded groups were guiding local Tea Party organizations, that the Citizens United decision was going to open the floodgates on hard-to-track cash for political purposes, so it doesn't exactly seem odd to me that some people at that IRS office would be inordinately interested in getting as much information as possible on the intentions of the applicants.

What also seems lost in this little teapot tempest is that Dem-oriented groups, such as Emerge, doing much the same thing as the larger Tea Party organizations, had their 501c(4) status revoked, while openly political groups spending the greatest bulk of their contributions on political advertising, such KKKarl's Crossroads GPS, did not.

Maybe the right-wingers have forgotten that it was their own Richard Nixon who kept an enemies list, and actively inserted himself into IRS business for the purposes of destroying his political opponents....

pansypoo said...

since that woman plead the 5th, i am seeing a set up ala breitbart. smells like a minnow bucket.

Anonymous said...

the investigations were supposedly at the request of a few republicans in the first place. and the set up question was prompted by the person now pleading the 5th... gee, wonder much?

just once i'd like to see the MSM do their actual job and investigate things to find facts and perspective. they sure get paid enough to do something other than regurgitate talking points.