Friday, May 31, 2013

So much for uplifting

Whatever warm feelings one may have had about Patrick Stewart and his statements yesterday -- THIS just brings all the despair back even more.
In a stunning decision made worse by the length of time it took to be handed down, the Supreme Court of El Salvador gave a young woman a death sentence on Wednesday by denying “permission” for an abortion needed to save her life. Beatriz (a pseudonym) is now 24 weeks into an extremely high-risk pregnancy, complicated by a severe form of lupus, an autoimmune disease, hypertension, and renal (kidney) failure. Moreover, her pregnancy is not viable. The fetus she is carrying is anencephalic—it does not and will never have a fully formed brain—and can not survive more than a few hours after childbirth, if it survives at all.
Two deaths apparently more awesome than one, as long as a woman is involved -- ugh!

But this is the kind of decision many right-wingers in this country would applaud. There has been an appeal made to Pope Francis to try and intervene.

As Digby notes, you know it's bad when you are asking the the Pope to intervene -- given the Vatican's position on the subject.


StonyPillow said...

The magnanimous country of El Salvador is allowing Beatriz to have a "C-section".

the health minister said the C-section was an acceptable intervention.

"It is very clear at this time that the pregnancy intervention is not an abortion, it is an induced birth, which is something else," Maria Rodriguez told a news conference.

She stressed that protecting the life of the pregnant woman - referred to as "Beatriz" - was the "decisive factor".

pansypoo said...

catholic fundamentalism is just as bad. women pay.not men.