Friday, May 10, 2013

Knowin' how to pick 'em continued

Yesterday I posted about how former Senator, freak, and current Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint managed to put out a factually laughable immigrant bashing report put together in large part by a bigot.

But the bigot, Jason Redwine, is so much, so very much more:
The Heritage Foundation's Jason Richwine, who co-authored the think tank's study claiming immigration reform will cost trillions of dollars, contributed two articles to a "nationalist" website about Hispanic incarceration rates, Yahoo News reported Thursday. Richwine came under fire after the Washington Post reported Wednesday that his Harvard dissertation argued Hispanics have lower IQs than Caucasians and that the United States should screen immigrants based on their IQ scores.
Meanwhile in reality, which is NOT a whiter shade of pale:
A record seven-in-ten (69%) Hispanic high school graduates in the class of 2012 enrolled in college that fall, two percentage points higher than the rate (67%) among their white counterparts, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Looks like it is time for resign again Jim DeMint.

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StonyPillow said...

Anchor baby Michelle Malkin sez Jason Whitewine is being crucified.

Cheese and crackers are called for.

Montag said...

Ah, yes, Michelle Malkkkin, the bug-eyed human hyperbole, thinks a lamebrained bigot is being tortured because people are laughing at him because he's transparently stupid.

"Never, ever, even think of disagreeing with us," she was heard to mutter.

Anonymous said...

Get a load of Richwine's Bio photo. He looks like a dopey high school guy that has to wear a suit cause he's got to appear in court. I think he borrowed Dads suit jacket and and some wildroot to look all grown-up.

I expected a much older, booger-eatin southerner - but still got a chuckle from this photo. He looks like an entry-level real estate salesman. He'll get a suit and a haircut after his first deal closes.

Just sayin'

Eric P.

Anonymous said...

Bio Photo here:

gratuitous said...

My lingering question is how did he get a Ph.D.? From Harvard, no less? When I read the subject of his doctoral dissertation (Hispanics "naturally" having lower IQs), I thought, "Whoa, that'll never fly; surely his doctoral board has heard of 'The Bell Curve' and read 'The Mismeasure of Man,' right?"


pansypoo said...

the future looks dim for honkeys.