Tuesday, April 17, 2012

America would like Mitt Romney to ride on top of the car

If he was programmed with human emotions he'd be really sad:
Only 35 percent of Americans see the presumptive Republican nominee favorably, with 47 percent seeing him unfavorably, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday. That makes Mr. Romney the first likely nominee to start the general election contest “underwater,” with more seeing him unfavorably than favorably, in the 28 years and eight presidential cycles the ABC/Post poll has been measuring candidates.
He is especially unliked among women. So get ready for that next great Republican voting reform project:
In the midst of the back and forth, O’Donnell brought up a quote Coulter gave to The Guardian in 2003 in which she said that women were one group she believed should have their right to vote taken away. When pressed by O’Donnell, Coulter stood by her comments, arguing that every election since 1950, aside from the 1964 Barry Goldwater election, would have been won by Republicans had it not been for women. Coulter said this presents enough reason to disenfranchise women. O’Donnell pushed further, asking Coulter how she would feel personally if she couldn’t vote. She responded: “If my entire gender loses it too, then I’m OK with it.”


Montag said...

And yet, Gallup's daily tracking poll a day or two ago put him up 2 points over Obama. I don't think the Rmoneybot team is throwing in the towel just yet.

Rayl said...

It seems to me that Coulter made a strong argument for disenfranchising men.

Anonymous said...


pansypoo said...

nobody wants to buy his used caddy.