Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As the world kerns

I suppose I should be surprised it only took eight years to prove a right-wing screech a bunch of bullshit.

But as always, what Digby said then and what Digby said now.

 It more or less comes back to the same conclusion: for some reason Bush became afraid to land his plane and so he quit flying and, like other privileged princes at the time, found a way to check out of his obligation early. And he seems to have been in some kind of other "trouble" at the time but nobody knows exactly what it was. What's new is the dirty cover up in Texas political circles going back years. There are obviously people who know the truth. Certainly George W Bush does. But they're not telling. Yet.


Montag said...

Bush got his four more years, and so got the chance to prove to all of us what a whiny, self-entitled, self-important shit he was and is.

When historians get around to writing about the decline of the country, they're going to conclude that his administration was the beginning of the end.

Raoul Paste said...

She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, .......

Tommy T said...

I can kinda understand why he wanted out, since F-104's not only crashed, but were very unforgiving of pilot error, but why lie about it?
Lots of pilots of the day wisely stayed away from F-104s.


Montag said...

Uh, Tommy T, Bush wasn't flying F-104s (to my knowledge, National Guard units were never supplied the aircraft (they were sold to the German air force, and there were a bunch of crashes there, mostly due to pilot error--their pilots in the late `50s weren't exactly prepared for a plane as twitchy as that after virtually no ongoing training, including jets, since WWII).

Bush was flying F-102As. The F-102 was a problem, which was why it saw so little time in Vietnam, but the A model was somewhat better (although the Air Force did give up on using it in combat circa 1968, hence the turning it over to ANG units around the time Bush signed up).

That said, Bush definitely didn't have the "right stuff" (in a whole helluva lot of ways).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the right have already pronounced that Bush was never actually a conservative. Because he, you know, spent too much, and 'real' conservatives never spend too much.

But it will still be fun to remind people who now deny voting for him what a fucking liar he was.

pansypoo said...

i am still going w/ lazy + wasted.