Thursday, April 26, 2012

two alternatives

Paul Ryan, gigantic lying pustule of shit?
Rep. Paul Ryan has decided that he doesn't like Ayn Rand after all, because she's an icky atheist.
Or so dumb, he can't even use Wikipedia? Those are really the only choices.


pansypoo said...

he is getting even worse. the bullshit deeper.

Anonymous said...

The article quotes Dan Maguire*, and also links to an article Maguire wrote.

Maguire was a professor of religion and philosophy at Marquette University, a Jesuit university, when I - and the great Charles Pierce! - were there.

He was a very well-liked professor, even among the Jesuits who, later, were not so happy about his position on "the right" to contraception and abortion. But, then, being a university tolerant of opposing viewpoints, the argument was academic vs. personal.

* The other great "Maguire" at Marquette at the same time was, no relation, Al McGuire.

In the 2000 presidential debates, Snortin' McCrackpipe was asked to name his favorite political philosopher. Snortin's response: "Jesus Christ."

I remember first thinking, "What a stupid question." Then I thought how I would have answered that question. Easy - Al McGuire! A better man than a great coach, and few alums or sports fans would disagree with me.