Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Moral Arbiters

Yet more evidence of the moral authority the Vatican (and its especially conservative Opus Die order) has in having hissy-fits about ladies having some control over lady-parts:

Why a known-mobster like De Pedis is buried on the grounds of a Vatican church has been the object of much speculation since 1997, when a church maid revealed the tomb’s existence to an inquisitive journalist. The Vatican was always cagey about why the mobster was buried in one of its churches, and ultimately, the church’s silence spurred countless conspiracy theories.  Now, thanks to shocking Vatican letters leaked in the Vatileaks scandal that is rocking the Holy See, the Italian police are less interested in why he’s buried there. Instead, they want to open the tomb to see if the remains of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi are interred with those of the mobster.
Read the whole thing, it gets worse.


Montag said...

Hey, borrowing money from the mafia and suffering the consequences is just small change compared to what the church has been caught at doing since then.

So... what's next? The Vatican has nuclear weapons?

Aaron said...

You say Vatican and mobster like they are 2 separate things.

Montag said...

Heh. The Vatican and dirty money? Scroll down on this link to "Investigation and scandal":

pansypoo said...

bocaccio only scratched the surface.